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A love for fashion starts at a very early age; our daughters, who school me in fashion, remind me of that every day. I can see that happiness and sparkle in their eyes when they are wearing an outfit that they love as they twirl and jump around with the biggest smile on their face! I believe that this feeling carries on with us forever.

I truly believe that the right outfit empowers us to feel and be the best version of ourselves at any occasion – whether it is just another day at work, happy hour, vacation, a hot date, girls’ night out, or a night in with pizza and wine. Our main goal is to help women show off their inner beauty and confidence outwardly through their style. We want to be part of what creates your lifestyle! 


Esther, Ava & Kate




If you would like to get in touch with us about Mod Owl representing your fashion brand/accessory, seeking a fashion vendor for your Southern California event or you're an influencer seeking partnerships.

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